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Mahesh Jagtap





Journey of creativity in me took  its  pace  from  influences and  inspirations form

Sir. J.J. School of Art. The campus and the milieu of School of Art have taught me the most.


My paintings are a process concerning emergence and search for simpler forms. I have used innovative form for visualization in its own way. For me, linearity and clarity of forms is a core with undeniable indistinguishable texture. Combining of clear forms and unclear texture makes my painting dynamic. Reappearing forms or a set ultimately end up in a ‘Visual Epic’ of greater dimension.


The untitled art work is my study regarding forms, colors, techniques and medium. I initiated with dry pastels following with water colors. And it’s different techniques.  After vivid study of water colors, I tried different techniques of oil and was successful in getting equal results. Hence my works have a unique sense of color application and technique always change is undeniable part of process it keep’s painting going.


My art is not about imitation it is about creation. My process inculcates vivid perspective such as object and its environment. Reciprocated as environment and its objects within. Also objects with its objectives, including object in its literal as well as material sense. Due to which immense forms were derived. Constant interpretation of process got in repetitive forms in my painting. Ultimately making realize that form is utmost vitality for me to paint. Gradually proceeding process made realize that there are some unknown realities beyond obvious realm that has to be explored. Due to which my work keeps changing from very real object’s to the aura which it creates on me.


When an object is observed, after a certain period only its color is seen and then its form is visible. I appreciate the visual in this accept. Space both on canvas as well as in mind equally participates in transforming the objet to the surface. It is about transferring image/object from reality on to the surface, in terms to its pictorial. I constantly experiment with colors, composition, surface and technique. Experience of experimenting gives a new direction to my creative study. Visual treatment, composition and delicate images that emerge through my paintings bear my own unique individuality.


Now in recent works my total attention is to capture the essence of things through my visual perception. I have deliberately painted colors to get a feel of mysteriousness and to evoke other dimensions of intangible world. Forms provoking me as collective harmony is very essential part for evolution.


My painting is an attempt to build a bridge between tangible and intangible realities of existence. I constantly try to improve on what is already being achieved and have a high aim of reaching global art scene, determining struggling towards the limit less horizon of divine creativity.




                                                                         ---   Mahesh Jagtap

                                                                                            Mumbai, India.




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