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Mahesh Jagtap




"Mahesh is one of the promising young breeds of visual dreamers who find their inspiration in fascinating basic natural forms of the living world. These forms possibly may have given birth to all other' complex visual forms of the present day. His creative journey began with the influences of the natural settings of India's famous J.J.School of Art and all the learning and un-learning in the campus while completing his graduation in Art.


Mahesh's refined sense of water colour use on paper and his basic natural forms dominate all his creative works. Visual Treatment, composition and the delicate images that emerge out of Mahesh's thought process bear his unique stamp of individuality. Every image seems like taking birth as a newborn entity with all feelings of soft, delicate and natural elements in abundance.

He imagines all basic forms of nature as 'alphabets' which when creatively composed, give birth to larger forms, which may ultimately end up in 'Visual Epic' of a greater dimension. His every experience in visualizing and working towards those images in his mind give him new directions and guide him to a newer arena of visual experiences, very few dare to explore and present in visual form.


Continuously thinking about new ideas and then trying to put them visually on paper by again vigorously experimenting with medium, techniques and surfaces, Mahesh is successfully giving new visual birth to the basic natural forms and spaces to in order to give way to his creative urges."   



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